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When in Scotland, a rain jacket is an absolute essential, regardless of the season. The last thing you want is the dreadful weather compromising the great outfit you have put together when you realise you’re going to have to chuck a big anorak over it, or spend the commute fighting with your umbrella.

This probably explains why Rains are one of our bestsellers. The Danish company have created raincoats that are not only stylish but are also 100% Waterproof. Meaning you can look fab whilst staying dry.

A Rain(s)bow of colours are available.

Regardless of your style, there will be a jacket for you. Available in two styles and a variety of colours, you can find one that is perfect for you.

The classic “Jacket” is a simple shaped rain jacket with a capped hood and buttons all the way up to the top. A more casual style, this looks great in the bright colours such as yellow and pink allowing you to  be a bit more creative with your clothing.

Left - The Jacket, Right - The Curve Jacket

“Curve” is a longer coat with a more fitted shape, a belt at the waist, capped hood and waterproof zip and buttons. This style is perfect for someone looking for a jacket that looks quite smart and is perfect for those who to commute to work as it gives the look of a classic jacket with the guarantee of staying dry!

But what about your belongings? Rains also have a fabulous Tote Bag that is also 100% Waterproof with a sealed zip, meaning you can keep all your gadgets safe too!

Trust us when we say, you’ll be wanting it to Rain when you get your Rains jacket!

You can shop the Rains brand here, or pop into our Thistle Street Store. Meanwhile, check out these photos of the ALC Team rocking the Rains.

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