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As I write this at the end of April and gaze out of our little Thistle Street window which is being pelted by rather large pieces of ice, sleet and rain (and without sounding like a Carrie Bradshaw wannabe), I couldn't help but wonder; when did we start putting 'HAPPY' at the start of Earth Day and when did we decide hailstones in April were completely normal? 

We noticed a few things that didn't sit quite right with us as a retailer and as a small independent business. The idea that Earth Day has become a celebration made us realise that the movement had somehow got lost in translation; or at least lost by the fashion industry.

Green fields are met by blue skies and seas


We're quite sure that we are not the only ones that were somewhat confused and  perplexed by the huge influx of emails headed 'HAPPY EARTH DAY!' with an offer of 20% off. This is where the movement and it's focus gets slightly lost; mostly by big retail giants and high street brands, making it painfully hard for small retailers to survive. Not only do we disagree with mass discounts and the insincere use of them on Earth Day (🙄), but we also find it a huge kick in the teeth to all of the small business' who champion a sustainable and positive retail model.

Recently I read an Instagram headline that suggested retailers and the fashion industry should probably ignore Earth Day and they have a point; but not one we completely agree with. Whilst we do agree that it could be seen as hypocritical to make a song-and-dance about Earth Day when the industry itself is deemed as part of the problem, we also want to acknowledge positive change that is sustainable as well as meaninful. So with that in mind, we thought it was about time we pledged our commitment to the cause and pen what we can control to be a positive part of the solution.

SZ Blockprint fabrics being line dried



The ALC Commitment; Controllables.



'Repair over return' - we will always try to repair an item first. If that is not possible, we will aim to recycle the material or gift it to a chosen charity.


We use 100% biodegradable wrap and packaging for all orders. We reduce paper waste by only paper wrapping items that require protection.


We have replaced the use of bubble wrap with an ethical and biodegradable alternative.


All rubbish is correctly recycled or reused where possible.


Our main courier uses a carbon neutral shipment service for all collections and deliveries.



This is a start, and in no way exhaustive. We will endevour to be as clean and ethical as we can be with a newly improved vision for the future. For the brands that we stock, we are delighted to say that for the first time; every one of them now offers a sustainable option, whether that is through materials, production or transparecy. We will continue to hold ourselves and our brands accountable and we encourage you to do the same.

We have also created a CARE GUIDE, with tips and advice on best practice when it comes to cleaning your garments. Always remember; Less is More.

To read more about Earth Day or to get involved in one of their many calls to action, visit their site here.


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