Brand Spotlight - Tomorrow Denim

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Brand Spotlight - Tomorrow Denim
There's so many reasons to love Tomorrow Denim.  Still relatively unknown in the denim industry, Tomorrow is setting the standard for sustainable denim labels.  Sustainability in fashion has so many layers, and Tomorrow is the first denim brand to be awarded the Nordic Swan Ecolabel and EU ecolabel, assessing their manufacturing traceability, and product life cycle, certifying that Tomorrow is safe for the planet and for people.  In simple terms, you can trust that Tomorrow will always pay workers a fair wage and offer them safe working conditions, while ensuring that all their collections are produced using organic and recycled materials, using no hazardous dyes, and with as little water as possible.
When it comes to fit, Tomorrow Denim will hold its shape, and all fibres used are tested for durability, so expect your jeans to stand the test of time and wear.  Fabrics feel like authentic denim with great hold, but with the comfort and stretch we've all grown to love.  We have 3 classic shapes by in store and online now.
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Tomorrow Denim Hepburn Jeans

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