Select "Wool"
If your washing machine doesn't have a "wool" cycle, you can use the wash cycle for "delicates". Always turn your TENCEL™ pieces inside out for further protection.
Buy Eco-Friendly Detergent
Make sure to also skip bleach and softeners. Bleach can be extremely damaging to fabrics, while softeners are known to contain chemicals that are harmful to you and the environment. They work by covering your garments in a thin film that can also impede all positive attributes including breathability and moisture absorbency. TENCEL™ is already very soft, so softeners simply won’t be necessary. To soften your TENCEL™ garment, we recommend to give it a gentle steam.
Store Correctly
It is important to store your TENCEL™ pieces correctly in order to maintain their quality and shape. Knitted items, i.e. items that are stretchy, should be stored neatly folded in a drawer or shelf, while woven items that are not stretchy, can be hung on hangers.